Hello and welcome to the blog of Janet McLaughlin, author of the new Get Psyched series.

About Janet McLaughlin

Writer, editor, and teacher, Janet McLaughlin has been involved in the communication field most of her life. She is a member of the Society for Children Book Writers and Illustrators and the Florida Writers Association and is an avid fan of cheerleading competitions, especially those involving her grandchildren. She lives in Florida with her husband Tom. Her other passions involve tennis, walking, traveling and meeting people. Get Psyched is her first novel in the Get Psyched series.

About Get Psyched

There’s more at stake at this year’s two-day National Cheerleading Competition than taking first place. Lives will be changed and possibly even lost if 15-year-old Zoey Christopher doesn’t take action. She knows she’ll need help, but who to trust is the problem. No one knows about Zoey’s gift and she wants to keep it that way. Being fifteen is tough enough. Being fifteen and psychic — as Zoey would tell you if she trusted you — really sucks. At practice the night before the competition, Zoey gets a vision about a fellow cheerleader whose life is in danger. Later, she gets more sensory hints: a cheerleader surrounded by smoke and a panicking crowd; a vendor covered in ashes. To further complicate her life, she meets Josh, whose very touch sends her sensory system into overload. Circumstances force Zoey to tell Josh, and her friends Becca and Mike, about her visions. The foursome band together to stop the fire that threatens to destroy the hotel/convention center and the lives of so many of her fellow cheerleaders.

Get Psyched is now available on Amazon.com.

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  1. kapi whitfield · · Reply

    Hi there I coached with sami last year and I think I may have a story for you of a boy who overcame a tumor please le me know where to email it thanks

  2. janetmclaughlin · · Reply

    Hi Kapi,

    You can send it to janetmclaughlin@comcast.net. Did the boy already write the story or are you sending me the idea or what? I’m so excited about the potential of this blog. I love it that kids are willing to share their experiences. What a great way to help other kids. I give them a lot of credit. Sami is quite a treat, isn’t she? 🙂


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