Zoey’s Diary, April 5, 2013


April 5, 2013

Dear Diary,

I am soooooooo sorry about not writing for so long. But I have a great excuse. The vacation on St. James (I know, I called it St. Anthony’s in my last entry. Don’t know what I as thinking) was wonderful—but really, really weird. Like, ghostly weird. This was the fist time ever that I saw one. A ghost. And believe me, it was scary at first. But, I kind of got used to Tempe—that was the ghost’s name—after the third or so visit. She was just looking for some help. I almost got myself killed trying to help her, but, as you can see, since I’m sitting here writing, I managed to come home safe and sound.


Tempe was a slave back in the early 1800s and she disappeared without a trace. No one knew what happened to her and she wanted us (Becca helped) to let her ancestors know what happened. It took some research and some of my visions, but we finally were able to help. I think she’s happy now.

I met a really great guy while I was there. His name is Chris and after a shaky start (He was such a creep at first) we got to be good friends. He wanted to be more than just a friend, but I told him I had a boyfriend. Josh. Okay. I admit. I did kiss him. But only once. And I told Josh about it and he was okay with it. Sort of. He gave me a beautiful locket when I got back and I haven’t taken it off since. Not even to shower.

Gotta go. Tons of homework. I won’t wait another whole month to write in you again. I promise.



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