Zoey’s Diary, February 28, 2013



Dear Diary,

Today’s the day! We leave for our week’s vacation to St. Anthony’s Island. I’ve never been to an Island. Well, that not true. I kind of live on an island. But that doesn’t count. It’s just over a bridge from the mainland of Florida. This island is in the middle of the Caribbean Ocean!

Becca said they have a maid, a cook and a gardener, and that we’ll have our own room in a cottage that’s on the grounds but separate from the main house. How cool is that! Oh, and the house is in a private club with it’s own beach, tennis courts, and I don’t know what all else.

Well, actually I do know. Becca keeps telling me about these two cute guys that will be there. They’ve been friends, like, forever and she expects us all to hang out together. I keep telling her that Josh is my boyfriend and I’m not interested in other guys. But she just smiles.

Josh was great about my going. I kept putting off telling him, but when I got up the nerve, he already knew! Mike had told him. I guess Becca didn’t tell Mike about the “two cute guys.” I didn’t say anything to Josh either. I mean, why should I? Like I said, I’m not interested in other guys so it’s not important.

I’m not taking you with me, Diary, but I’ll be sure to fill you in when I get back. Gotta go. Have some last minute packing to do. St. Anthony’s here I come!

— Z



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