Zoey’s Diary, February 15, 2013


Dear Diary,

You’ll never guess what Josh did for Valentine’s Day! He’s such a sweetie! 🙂 First, when I got on the school bus, the driver handed me a small bouquet of pink roses —the kind with wrapped stems that’s easy to carry around—and said “These are from Josh.” All the kids on the bus clapped. Well, not all of them. Some of the jocks hooted. No surprise there. I still can’t figure out how he got the bus driver to do that!

When I got to school, he met me at my locker and handed me a small teddy bear with a little heart on it that said I ❤ you. I carried the flowers and teddy bear with me to every class.  Some of the teachers made me put them under the seat, but most just smiled and wished me a Happy Valentine’s Day.

Then, for dinner, he took me to Ophelia’s, one of the most romantic restaurants in Sarasota. It’s on the water, and we ate outside on the deck and watched as boat motored by. There were flying fist, too. It was all so beautiful and exciting.

His parents drove us. They stayed, but they had a table inside. As thrilled as I was with his surprised, I was worried that he’d spent too much money. But he said not to worry. He’d done some work on the house for his parents and the dinner was his payment.

He is the best boyfriend ever!!!

— Z



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