Zoey’s Diary, January 15th


Dear Diary,

Finally! The doctor said I could go back to school. I’ve missed two basketball games and all my cheer practices and there’s a competition coming up in two weeks! Doc says I have to wait one more week before I can start practicing. Coach wants me to come to practice anyway so I can see any changes he makes—which he’s always doing. He calls it tweaking. We call it a pain.

Josh found a way around my mom’s no visitors order. J After class he went to all my teachers to get my homework assignments, then he got Matt to drive him over every day and wait in the car for him on the promise that he’d help him with his Math homework. Mom wouldn’t let Josh in L, but she did let me stand in the doorway and talk to him. I guess it was for the best. I don’t want Josh to get sick too. He’s such a sweetie. ❤

So the good news is that I’m all caught up on my homework. Oh, and Becca texted me that she has a surprise that she’s working on. She says she’ll tell me about this weekend. Mom, with doc’s approval, is letting me go on our regular double date on Saturday. Can’t wait! We’re going to take “the boys” to see Breaking Dawn, Part II. Becca and I have seen it twice already. They both moaned and groaned about it, but we pulled the “Zoey’s been sick and you have to be nice to her” card on them. I can’t wait to see them squirm. It going to be such a fun night!

— Z



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