My Holiday


Dear Diary,

You are never going to believe this. First, let me set the scene. We went to visit mom’s family over the Christmas holidays. It was so great seeing my cousins and Nan and Pop. They live way up in Pennsylvania. Dad says it’s over 1100 miles away. And get this. We drove the whole way. In one day! AND, it snowed while we were there!

Snow is totally awesome. At least I think so, since I live in Florida and it’s about 85 degrees outside right now. I mean, hey, it’s January. That’ even hot for Florida in January.

Anyway, I made snow angels (that’s what my cousins called them) and a snowman. And we went sledding and shopping and had loads of fun. But—by the time we were ready to leave I started to get sick. First with a sore throat (not too bad) then a runny nose. By the day we left I had a really bad cough.

This is the part you are not going to believe. We got home about 6:30 on Friday night and mom and dad took me straight to Urgent Care—you know, those walk in clinics. The doctor listened to my chest and said I sounded awful. Now, that’s scary when the doctor thinks something like that. I mean, don’t they see sick people all the time?

Turns out I have pneumonia! (I had to look up the spelling of that one.) It’s an infection of the lungs. Doc says no exercise for two weeks. That means no cheer practice. Coach is going to have a hissy fit.

Mom says no visitors for the rest of the week. Bed rest. Ugh! At least I have some great books to read. She says that Becca can come over on Sunday, but not Josh! I mean. Hello. Josh is my boyfriend!

I’m getting a little tired. Maybe this bed rest thing isn’t so bad. I’ll get back to you a lot quicker, Diary, I promise. I mean, what else do I have to do?

— Z

Snow                                                                           Isn’t this pretty? It was just starting to snow.


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