Dear Diary,

Sorry I haven’t written for so long. It’s been crazy with cheer practice almost every night. Then there’s mid-terms to study for. I can’t wait for Spring break. Not that we’re going anywhere. But it will be great to have time to catch up on reading just for fun,  and, of course, spend time with Josh.

Josh has been great about my being so busy. I mean, we do see each other at school everyday. And, on weekends when we don’t have a competition, we double date with Becca and Mike.

Speaking of Becca. She’s been acting kind of strange lately. Like she has some big secret that she’s keeping from me. I know Becca. If I ask, she’ll pretend like nothing’s up. So I just ignore her. That usually gets her going. She’ll tell me soon enough.

Gotta go. Tons of homework. Promise. I’ll write again soon.


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