Zoey’s Diary, October 30, 2012

Hi! All the crazy news about Superstorm Sandy has me thinking about my nationals competition in Indianapolis this past winter. It’s a little chilly in Florida right now but nothing compared to how cold it was there. Brrrrrr! I found my old diary entry and thought it would be fun to share. Enjoy! –Z

Dear Diary,

We went to Indianapolis for a National Cheer Competition this weekend. We had all sorts of fundraisers for months to help with the plane fare. I don’t care if I never wash another car! So, anyway, it being the end of January and everything, it was COLD in Indiana and I don’t have a winter coat. THEN, the next morning when we got up, it was SNOWING!!!! How cool is that? I never saw snow coming down before. We made snowballs and threw them at each other. J But not for long. Snow is, like, super cold, especially when you don’t have gloves!!!

Indianapolis has something they call a skywalk where you can get from your hotel to the convention center without ever walking outside, which is good when you don’t have a lot of winter clothes which I don’t since I live in Florida, duh!

The best part of the weekend, besides the snow, was that we won in our division. Becca was super excited. This was her first win, and it was all the more sweet since it was a National. She said her dad was going to be psyched and she could probably get a few great outfits out of him, which makes me happy because we’re the same size and Becca is VERY generous with her clothes! J

I missed seeing Josh this weekend. Obviously he couldn’t come to the competition. We texted a lot, though. He said he missed me too. At least we can have lunch together tomorrow. I’m soooooooo glad he goes to my school. Mike does too which means he only sees Becca on weekends which her dad thinks is great but Becca is bummed out about it.


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