Zoey’s Diary, October 12, 2012


Dear Diary,

Oh. My. God. What a great weekend!!! Where to begin? Becca’s house. No, make that Becca’s estate. The house is ginormous and the grounds are completely surrounded by a wall. You can’t get in unless someone from inside opens the gate for you. AND, there’s a guest house on the property. That’s where Becca and I stayed. In the guest house. All by ourselves. It was soooooooo cool!!!!!  🙂

The double date was awesome. Josh ❤ bought us a big bucket of popcorn to share. He ate most of it. I was too nervous to eat much. At first he had his arm over the back of the seat, but eventually he brought it around and took hold of my hand. Both our hands were kind of sweaty and greasy from the butter in the popcorn. But, you know what? I didn’t care!

We went for ice cream after the movie. I don’t know where these guys put all this food that they eat. Like, almost all the popcorn and then a double dip ice cream cone? Becca had a small cup of frozen yogurt and I had a soda. On the way home, Josh held my hand again, and he kissed me goodnight before I got out of the car. The night was totally awesome.

The guys couldn’t come to the beach, but that was okay, especially since it rained most of the day. Becca and I went to the mall. Becca shopped. I looked. I LOVED the twins. They are NOT monsters. It was a totally awesome weekend!


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