Zoey’s Diary

At the end of GET PSYCHED, Zoey Christopher has a dream. She has no idea what it means. Like, drums and a forest? What’s that all about? Nothing is further from her real life. Besides, she has more important things to consider, her new boyfriend, Josh McBride, being the most interesting.

Having a boyfriend is a first for Zoey. Before Josh, books were her refuge. Now things are different and Zoey wants to remember everything about this new experience. So, she’s decided to keep a diary. She’s given me permission to post her entries for all her friends to read because, after all, life goes on between novels, right? She wants you all to be up-to-date, especially about Josh.
BTW. Zoey knows that you might want to share this information with your friends. She says that’s okay. And if you have any questions for her, all you have to do is ask. She’ll do her best to answer them.

Diary of Zoey Christopher, Teenage Psychic  

Dear Diary,

Josh McBride. Josh McBride. Josh McBride. ❤ It’s such a great name. We’re having lunch together tomorrow in the school cafeteria. I can’t believe we never met before this weekend. How could I have NOT noticed his gorgeous blue eyes and deep, deep dimples? Especially since he’s in my Chemistry class at school! I still can’t believe he isn’t turned off by my gift.
Of course, I didn’t tell him I had a vision of us together as boyfriend and girlfriend when he first held my hand. That maybe some of the things he’s thinking and maybe doesn’t want me to know about, I might, like, see when I touch him. He didn’t ask, so I figured, why bring it up. Does that mean I’m not being honest with him? Should I tell him? This boyfriend thing is sooooo complicated!!!!!
I guess I have Becca to thank for bringing Josh into my life. In fact, I have Becca to thank for a lot of things. She’s the first friend I’ve made that I’ve told about my being psychic. She’s really cool about it. ☺ I wish she went to our school. At least I’ll see her on weekends when we double date. I can’t believe that I will be part of the Mike Hansen crowd. Well, sort of. At least when I’m with him and Becca.
Oh, a reminder to myself. Get a new flat iron. One like Becca has. It awesome how it makes my curly hair so straight and swingy. I’ve never had hair that moved before. I love the way it tickles my neck. ☺


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