How Do Writers Get Their Ideas?

If you’re reading this, you either know me as a writer, or you’re aware of my book, GET PSYCHED. Either way, welcome to my blog and thanks for being here. This is a new adventure for me and I love sharing it with you.

One of the first things people ask me when they hear about my book is how I got the idea to combine something so-normal (cheerleading) with something para-normal (being psychic). At the time it seemed a no-brainer to me, but when I think about it, I guess it’s a bit unusual. So, let me lead you down my path of decisions.

My granddaughter, Lauren, is a cheerleader. She started when she was seven years old. I was hooked the first time I saw her cheer. Who wouldn’t be? So much pageantry. So demanding physically. So much FUN. Even though she lived in Illinois and I lived in Florida, I traveled whenever I could to watch her compete. Still do, though she’s now 19 and a member of Indiana University’s 2012 National Championship All Girl Squad. And yes, I’m bragging.

While I was following Lauren, I was also working in our family business, publishing local magazines. As editor, one of the things I did was interview people. Some of the people I interviewed were psychics, although they preferred the term intuitive. I found that they all had one thing in common. When they were kids they didn’t want anyone to know that they could “see things” that no one else could. They didn’t want to be different.

One day it hit me. Why not combine the two things I found so exciting. And that’s how my heroine, Zoey, was born. Not all that mysterious, is it? In fact, it makes a lot of sense. At least to me. But then writer’s are a bit quirky.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, Lauren isn’t psychic. But she is an awesome cheerleader. And the routine that Zoey and her team, Florida Thunder, perform in GET PSYCHED was the routine her team performed while I was writing the book.

Next blog I’ll tell you how the book came to be published. That story involves Sami, my other granddaughter who cheers. Life works in such interesting ways—when you let it.


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